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We are making Volunteering easy, fun, and COOL! We're putting a freaking dent in the Universe by increasing Volunteerism throughout the world by ten-fold (NOT a typo, yo).

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Never Mind All of This...I just Want to Be a Joe!

It's Actually Happening...

Here is an excerpt from an email sent to our App Development Team this morning. It's a little bit, "Behind the scenes," but we want you to see and feel what is actually happening with this little idea that's about to change the world!


I'm sorry that it's been a while since we've spoken, but it's been a little crazy! I'm happy to report that we were successful in our crowd funding efforts, and raised quite a bit of money to help make JoeVolunteer a real, living, breathing movement!

I need to set up a time to talk with you about how we do all of this, officially. 

I think we discussed this before, but we're looking at doing a "minimum viable product," at first for testing in the Austin, Texas area. It needs to have all of the basic functionality to get done, but won't be the final "product," until we see how it's working, what our Joes and Organizations want in the app, and the best way to iterate (I love using those big words).

As you know, this is the first app I've ever commissioned, so I may have a few people helping me with the process. I want to figure out the best way to do this, but I'll be putting a lot of trust in you.

Guys--I think you know this, but this APP that you'll be helping with can LITERALLY change the world. We are going to blow this up and help millions of people HELP millions of people. I can't believe this is our life, as what we are doing here together will mean that the lonely people in the nursing homes will have regular companionship, animals won't be destroyed as they'll have adoptive families, children in the hospitals will have visits from super heroes, get this--we're already teaming up with an organization in Austin called, "no one dies alone," and our Joes will be on call to be at the side of people as they pass away, comforting them. That is one of the highest honors that we can do for someone...and THIS app will be making it possible to serve mankind through acts like this!

HOLY CRAP. There are so many uses and ways that this platform can be used that we haven't even begun to conceptualize.

Are you excited? I am.