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Never Mind All of This...I just Want to Be a Joe!

The LIGHTS versus the DIMS.

"This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine." 

It's US versus THEM.

I've come to realize that there are two types of people in life, and we'll call them the LIGHTS and the DIMS. I woke up thinking about those terms exactly, so I'm hoping it's an original thought and not a repressed memory that's coming to mind. Anyways, I digress.

I think the terms explain the people very well.

The "Lights," are the people that you enjoy when they walk into the room. They radiate happiness. They're funny. They're kind. They have a certain twinkle in their eye, and you just feel good around them. In a metaphysical sense, they GIVE energy. You, and most other people feel better in their presence than without them near. I think you know what I mean, but we'll talk a little more about these people in a bit.

The "Dims,"--I bet you already know intuitively what I'm going to say...they drain you. They tend to complain, and tell you how something can't be done. They're quick to point out the bad things in life. They'll explain in painful detail how they were unable to sleep well last night, and how the government is screwing us all over (well, they might be right about that one...but you don't need to go around telling everyone about it). They tend to be moochers. Asking for more than they give on a regular basis. I just came up with the term, and there's no clinical definition for a Dim...but I'm sure that you get the idea.

The terms are nouns that describe what each of the two are. But they're also verbs. Light and dim, to explain what they DO.

You're either one or the other. 

Now, a Light can have bad days and get down, maybe say some wrong things or have a bad attitude occasionally--but they return to their glorious selves soon.

The dims can also have good days. But we all know that they'll get back to themselves...the cranky, pessimistic, somewhat cynical nature they exude, as well.


Here's the thing: there is a daily battle over who wins the day. The "good" guys or the "bad." We may not know that there's a battle, and that's the purpose of what I'm writing here--oh, but it IS there. It's always happening whether we choose to admit it, or not.

When your coworker gossips about someone (a clear sign of being a, "Dim"), a shot is fired. The entire energy and the light of a situation is under siege at that very moment, and it is up to the Lights among us to say a kind word, diffuse the situation, or at least leave the temporary darkness caused by the action...or they too can be sucked into the negativity, and allow the Dim to take the battle.

Sometimes, unless consciously caught, very good people can unknowingly become a Dim. It can be the default when you're surrounded by a world of negativity.

But, then there are the LIGHTS.

They speak highly of other people. They talk about the things that make them and others happy. They find the GOOD in nearly every situation. They're able to lift everyone with a few well chosen words, or the easy smile on their faces.

The light of God (or the Universe, if you're particular about that) shines through these people. It's an inner light that's ALLOWED to shine, and the mundane and worldly things are inadequate to stop that blessed brightness. Honestly, the light isn't OF us, it's THROUGH us, if that makes any sense. We're a conduit from a higher power when we are Lights.

In our highest and best forms, God is shown through our actions. That is what it means to be a Light.


Be Vigilant: The knowledge that there is a war is the first step in actually winning this daily struggle. I hope the words on this glowing screen help with that. So, be vigilant. KNOW that you are one or the other, and allow your light to show. Stand guard at the door of your mind, and keep the negative thoughts from affecting how you act, and how you treat yourself and others (we often beat ourselves up, even as Lights--you wouldn't stand for someone doing that to your friend, so don't put up with it from yourself). 

Know When to Retreat: There is a natural tendency for the dark to pull down the light. Especially if the Dims outnumber you. Sometimes it's best to leave a situation than to let them suck you into the negative realm of complaints and cynicism. Retreat to fight again elsewhere. Sometimes people can be helped, and it's actually our DUTY, as a Light to try and help them. However, we need to know when they are sapping our power and winning the match. You're not going to be able to help others if you're in a bad mood and in a poor state of mind. It's the ole' oxygen mask thing: make sure your oxygen mask is on before you try to help someone else with their oxygen mask...otherwise you both die. In this case, you'll both be a Dim that day. So, know when it happens.

Recruit Help: Be encouraging to other people. Show kindness in everyday situations. Whenever you interact with ANYONE else, you have a chance to be kind, and to score another victory for the Lights. When you're kind to someone, they will feel that, and it makes them more likely to go out and be a Light themselves. So, smile. And maybe more importantly, give that smile to someone else, and get help in winning the day. THIS is where the battle is fought and won. It's during your everyday interactions with others...and actually, in the way you interact with yourself. Be uplifting. If you have a chance to say something that will make someone feel good, why would you keep that to yourself?

Find a way to Serve: Get out of your own head and sometimes self-sabotaging thoughts, and instead focus on others. It's our highest calling as a human being. You can ALWAYS help someone else. Sometimes, it's as simple as a caring look to someone else. A hug. A text letting someone know that you're grateful for them. How much time and effort does that take? But, when you do that, it's a strike against the Dims of the world. It helps others, and makes the world a better place...and fundamentally, isn't that why we're HERE, why we EXIST in the first place?

I hope this helps. Today, if you can--look around you. Really observe these human souls and see which side each is playing for by their actions. Then, fully knowing and conscious in the moment, choose to be a Light.