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We are making Volunteering easy, fun, and COOL! We're putting a freaking dent in the Universe by increasing Volunteerism throughout the world by ten-fold (NOT a typo, yo).

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Never Mind All of This...I just Want to Be a Joe!

It's All A Miracle

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  ― Attributed to Albert Einstein (but probably wasn't said by him)

I want to let you all in on a secret: it's ALL a miracle.

The sun rose, providing the relatively narrow band of temperature that most life needs to survive. By grace, we are in the precisely, perfect orbit to neither freeze nor burn.

We all woke up (well, eventually) from a condition where our nervous system laid mostly inactive, our eyes were closed, and our consciousness was practically suspended--all naturally.

We will probably breathe over 20,000 times today, and our hearts will most likely beat over 100,000 times. And we don't even have to think about it. 

We have the ability to see, to touch and feel what is essentially space--just electrons circling nuclei (also probably in a precise, perfect orbit).

We see and hear our loved ones. The sounds of their voice vibrations are collected by our ears and their thoughts are translated into meaningful images and concepts in our own brains.

Chemicals combine in our bodies to give us the absolute, quantifiable feeling of love.

We will most likely get into a car today. A several thousand pound piece of steel, that was made of ore dug from the ground and refined to a sophisticated machine that can routinely move at 75 miles per hour, weaving agilely through hundreds of other cars guided only by painted lines. And we probably won't die from this.

We can gather with friends or family and eat food that was once living, and now sustains us, while sitting in air that's been, "conditioned," for our comfort. We will talk, and some thought impulses will cause us to laugh involuntarily. We'll move all of the atoms of our body to hug someone else's bodily collection of atoms.

We will absolutely look at a glowing screen, where thoughts and ideas are coded into 1s and 0s, transmitted as if by magic from the device I'm writing on to yours, and decoded into an intricate language that you understand. So that you can understand, at some later point in time what was going on in my mind as I type these thoughts.

Maybe the most impressive thing is that we have the God-like ability of our own sentient thought, and of free will--and imagination!

It's ALL a miracle. 

Wrap your miraculous mind around that fact, and make a decision to grateful for it.


The Purpose and Importance of JoeVolunteer!


Howdy Joes! This is a little, "Behind the Scenes," information--an Impact filter (a tool developed by Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach) that makes one clear on their purpose, WHY something should be done, what the best results are, and the success criteria for a project. Here's what we wrote for JoeVol...reading it again makes me want to run through a wall!

I hope you enjoy!

Project: Is Underway and Transforming the World!

Purpose (What do we want to accomplish?): We are making volunteering easy, fun, and COOL. We’re building this worldwide, and making the world a better place by increasing volunteerism 10x! It’s done through a website, an App, any other communication outlet we can use--and millions of “Joes,” that will help thousands of organizations. We are building something that gets bigger on its own, and uses the people it recruits to help build it.

Importance (What’s the biggest difference this will make?): Think about the suffering that happens in our world—in 2015—now: people being profoundly alone, animals being euthanized, people needing food even in the U.S., suicides happening because they don’t even have people to talk to WHEN THEY NEED IT, nursing homes, soup kitchens, childrens’ hospitals. There is so much need for an organization and technology like this! We are literally taking about millions of cases of people that are suffering, that need help—and this is the TOOL to help stop that. 

Ideal Outcome (What does the completed project look like?): JoeVolunteer is a household name to everyone. We’ve united folks to volunteer around the world. We have volunteers in Iran, poor areas in Africa, in EVERY CORNER OF THE FREAKING GLOBE. This is a cause and a reason for people of all types to work together, and this in itself helps reduce friction among people and even countries! The World is truly a better place because we had the courage, tenacity and blessed persistence to make this idea REAL, and done. At its best, this endeavor is worth many lifetimes’ worth of effort.

Best Result (If we do take action): There is a new and fantastic new way to connect volunteers to incredible opportunities to help others. We are helping millions of people feel better about themselves and life because they’re able to help—we’re encouraging them to help by making it easy AND reminding them (that’s marketing for a GREAT cause, my friend). The suffering of so very many people will be eased by the effort and thoughts we’re doing NOW, today. We are a self-sustaining and wildly growing organization whose only purpose is TO HELP OTHERS! JoeVolunteer is going to help people find meaning in this sometimes cruel world. Ooh, I’m ready to get after this.

Worst Result (If you do take action): Status quo. People are rarely interrupted with the idea to go and volunteer to help other people. Most all of us just aren’t very mindful of it, even if we’re willing. Many people will die lonely. People can go hungry. I’m not being facetious when I say that children (and many adults) can and will die if we don’t make this happen, and get on it to happen quickly. So many people won’t know the JOY of helping others—and all of the good that will grow from those efforts—because we sat on our lazy asses.

Success Criteria (What has to be true when this project is finished)?

  • We’re funded, and can do everything we NEED to do to accomplish this massively transformative idea. Our fundraising campaign is successful and has raised enough money to build a WORLD CLASS app and website, and to get the word out to most every human being on the face of the Earth.
  • We have built a WORLD CLASS app and website. It’s the hub and the actual tool that allows our Joes to get out and help worthwhile organizations! It’s the best at what it does, and it’s constantly getting better.
  • We have secured celebrities, thought leaders and force multipliers to get the WORD out about our organization! We have cheap and free advertising opportunities to make JoeVol a household name.
  • We have multiplied Volunteerism by TEN FOLD across the entire planet. It’s possible and we are going to absolutely do it. There is going to be a cosmic dent in the UNIVERSE because of what we’ve done while we were breathing in our bodies.
  • JoeVolunteer grows exponentially and gets more talented Joes and affects more and more people on its own. It is a self-sustaining and growing organization—even without the people that started it. This is bigger than any person.
  • We have set up Austin, Texas as our ground zero. JoeVolunteer has taken it by storm, and it has provided the prototype for how we roll out nationwide.
  • We’ve gotten the support and partnership of a gigantic player in the App world—Uber. They are fully on board and helping us to create the app and the plan to take this fantastic idea to the world!
  • My personal success criteria: JoeVolunteer will outlive me and make a difference long after I have left this existence. All of those that have joined in this effort will have created a legacy that will continue to live.

10(ish) Great, Big Things I Learned While Spending 2 Days With Joe Polish

 Joe Polish, the amazing entrepreneur, marketer, and philanthropist on the left. Chip Franks, the guy with the messed up collar on the right.

Joe Polish, the amazing entrepreneur, marketer, and philanthropist on the left. Chip Franks, the guy with the messed up collar on the right.

Take action immediately. When Joe gets an actionable idea, he literally picks up his ever-present iPhone and dictates a voice message to the person needed to move something along. He doesn't wait, he just pulls out the phone and does it. A quick example: Joe finished a Skype call with pop music and movie star Natalie Imbruglia. He's helping her with her cause of stopping Fistula (look it up, it's a terrible and PREVENTABLE injury) in Africa. He does things like this regularly without a lot of fanfare, actually. He brainstormed several ideas on how to help the of them being to write a short book about the problem, to define what the problem is, and how people can help the cause. Immediately after the call, he's on his phone calling Dean Jackson, his good friend that runs He connected the two right away, and got the ball rolling within 10 minutes after the call with Ms. Imbruglia.

Be as gracious as possible, to a point. I have to say that Joe is an insanely gracious person, and it goes beyond paying for dinner (which he did, over $225 for the four of us...thank you, Joe). He was willing to pay for the Fistula book (Dean did it pro bono right out of the gate), as well, for Natalie (who also offered to pay...are you seeing a pattern amongst these folks?). Now, I don't want to get him in trouble by everyone asking, but he also gave me at least $2,000 worth of books, DVDs, CDs, and Marketing Courses...which I'm going to study like crazy to make some lofty goals actually happen. If you’re the kind of person reading this, you probably already know all about the wondrous Law of Reciprocity. When you give, you get--and life has a way of rewarding those that give. And nearly always, you'll get back more than you give. Life is cool like that. I have to say along with this, too--I learned that Joe doesn't suffer people that continually take without giving, either. We had a little conversation about that, and at some point, if someone keeps taking and taking, Joe doesn't want to deal with them. If they are like that, and you continually allow it, then you become an enabler. But if you give, with a gracious heart--you will certainly be blessed.

Be REAL AND AUTHENTIC. This is big. I don't know how many of you have met a hero of yours in real life and are disappointed because what they say differs tremendously from what they do. Or, if they're really likeable in public, but somewhat douchey in person? Well, Joe is exactly as you'd imagine the guy to be. There doesn't seem to be any air of superiority about the man, which is refreshing for someone as accomplished as him. WYSIWYG with Joe Polish! This is kind of funny, but I got a text from a mutual friend of Joe and mine while I was leaving in the airport. The friend said (about working with Joe), "Well you are in for a treat! Joe is as real as they come. Honest and is just himself, which is something I respect more than, 'hot air, mighty me, BS,' you know what I mean!" Yes, I think we all know what you mean. The thing I see about the fact that Joe is himself, and doesn't put on airs--is that he's really likeable and approachable. It makes everyone feel comfortable, and I imagine that people want to work with him that much more. I have a little trouble with folks that are one way while working, and another way in their private lives. It's like they're living a lie, and in some cases, perpetuating it when they teach. Be you. Even if you feel the, "real you," isn't as cool or sophisticated than the professional fake. Added bonus: you won't waste as much energy when you're not living a lie.

Be different, and memorable. I don't know if you've ever seen Joe's Piranha Marketing office, but it is truly spectacular. I haven't seen one like it on the planet. Some of this is better expressed in pictures, you go: 


 A Giant Piranha greets you when you walk into the office.

A Giant Piranha greets you when you walk into the office.

 A Floating Pod. In an OFFICE! How cool is this?!

A Floating Pod. In an OFFICE! How cool is this?!

 Elves (for an ELF business), skeletons, and De-Motivational's all good.

Elves (for an ELF business), skeletons, and De-Motivational's all good.

 The Best Urinal...ever.

The Best Urinal...ever.

Cool, right?! Think about how many offices you've been in during your life. How many of those make an impression that you really remember? It's so easy to do something extra that separates you from the masses. Oftentimes, it doesn't even cost that much. Other times, like in your communication with your Clients--it's free to be different, show personality and make a lasting impression. I would argue that personality sells and makes a better impression any day than dry, boring, yet, "professional." Oh, if some folks don't like it? That's fine. See #3. If you're doing all of the other things on here, you won't have to worry about losing those stuffy malcontents, anyways.

Learn like a freaking maniac! Joe Polish reads. He listens. He studies. When I got a chance to see his professional library, I was amazed. I shouldn't have been, though. You can hear the breadth of knowledge when you listen to Joe on his I Love Marketing podcast, or his marketing courses. Here's a picture of the grand library in question.

 There are SO many more books, DVD and Audio Programs not even pictured. It's amazing.

There are SO many more books, DVD and Audio Programs not even pictured. It's amazing.

I literally feel smarter by standing in the room, feeling all of that wisdom wash over me. Spending time with him, he references books and ideas from certain people often. That knowledge has fueled his success to this point, and will certainly lead to even bigger blessings and impacts down the road. I can pretty well guarantee that he’s forgotten more marketing and business building info than most everyone on the planet has ever learned. The impressive thing is, he keeps going and doesn’t rest. Take his example. Listen to podcasts. Order the courses. Read the books. Be mentored by genius.

Eat for fuel, and stay in great shape! I ate better, and more healthy than I have in…well, maybe ever...when I was with Joe. He works out intensely, and he refuses to put crap into his body. He’s one strong, wiry, guy. He’s lean and muscular and is bustling with energy. One comment he mentioned during a presentation was a conversation he had many years ago. The person talking to Joe said, “If you have a million dollar race horse, you wouldn’t feed him poorly, let him stay up all hours, and operate at less than an optimum state.” I’m paraphrasing a bit, but you get the idea. Why would you allow yourself—worth much more than any horse—to do that? You shouldn’t put up with that nonsense. I got to go grocery shopping with Joe, and he reads labels, and makes sure he doesn’t put hormones and unnecessary chemicals into his mouth. Honestly, it inspired me. I’ve had a difficult time eating well myself (you saw the picture), and since spending time with him I can say that my entire perspective has changed. I’ve been eating extremely well and sweating regularly through working out since being back from the trip, and it doesn’t feel like a chore. I already feel so much more energy, and my brain function seems to be much higher now. It is true that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. You’re worth doing this, too.

Live your life like a work of art. Joe likes to have fun. He takes cool trips. He buys nice things. His home is magnificent, with an inspiring view. He gets to do what he wants. The work he does funds a fantastic life-style. What he has is deserved. I was struck while walking though his home that the ideas in his head were directly responsible for such a beautiful place. He also practices what he preaches when it comes to doing business daily. He teaches that businesses should be ELF. That is, Easy, Lucrative, and Fun. If it’s not fun, and you hate what you’re doing—even if it’s profitable—that’s no way to go through life. I saw him turn down a potential business partnership that would potentially be worth a lot of money, because it would take too much time and effort, and he’d have to work with someone that wouldn’t be giving it their full attention. I learned from that. The whole idea is that your business should work for you, and should fund an incredible life. A life of substance and style.

Treat Everyone with Kindness. Don't make enemies. There’s never really any need to do that. He told me the well known maxim, "Be nice to the people you meet on the way up, because they're the same ones you meet on the way down.” He lives those words. I got to see him interact playfully with servers, and folks on his staff, and he’s just a great guy to be around. He is genuinely nice. If you ever want to see how a person truly is, in their heart, see how they treat people that can do nothing for them. Joe talks and acts the same with a cashier as he does with the owner of a $100 Million company. On a personal note, he met me with a big hug after corresponding over the idea for I felt genuinely welcomed, and never out of place with such a fantastic group of people. Yes, your Mom always told you to say, “please,” and, “thank you.” Do it. Be like Joe.

BUT, Don’t put up with Mediocrity. I watched Joe make a decision concerning someone that wasn’t working out after a fairly short time in a venture. He came to the conclusion because they didn’t do what he had asked. They didn’t even try, even though the instructions were specific. It was evident immediately that this person wasn’t a match with what Joe was trying to do, and even though the person was very nice, Joe made the decision to respectfully part ways. Sooner rather than later. Honestly, how many times do we put accept less than acceptable results from those that work with us? Especially if they’ve been around for a while, and it’s harder to part ways the longer the relationship lasts? Joe knows what he wants, and he expects the best of those that work with him. We can save years of heartache if we learn from this lesson.

Use proven tools and techniques. I got to witness Joe start up on a project, and one of the first things he did was pull out an, “Impact Filter,” from Strategic Coach. It’s a tool that helps one get clear on the goals of an enterprise or idea. He’s used it before, and recommends it to others that work with him. It’s the starting point. He knows it works, and once you’ve tested what works, you use it again and again. It’s true in marketing, and it’s true in life. He showed me a quick checklist that an ultra-successful marketer used in a letter writing campaign, and it was surprisingly simple. And brilliant. And it worked many times before. So he was using it again, and will probably expect the same phenomenal results. How many times have you abandoned something that was working because something newer and flashy came down the road? Well, here’s someone telling you that you need to stick to the tried and true.

Ignore Convention, and Do What Works. Yes, I said this was a list of 10 things I learned, but I couldn’t stop—so, I just need to beg forgiveness rather than asking for permission. I heard Joe say that many entrepreneurs have a Ready, Fire, Aim, FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Mentality. When coming up with a new business idea or project, he wants to go full bore and allow the idea to flourish before the lawyers come along and say, “how about this rare circumstance.” The way he put it was that the idea needed to grow and develop roots before it was attacked by the naysayers. Many of the greatest businesses in the world were started while others said they couldn’t work. Of course, that doesn’t mean you ignore the obstacles—but it means that you set sail and go for it rather than sitting around and wondering about everything that can go wrong. Do you have an idea? Take some action. Get that first customer, and THEN flesh it out, and iterate and get better. That’s the advice I received on our venture, and we’re following that. I’m so grateful to have learned this.

Keep GREAT company. Wow, this may be the most powerful thing that I learned. I got a chance to sit in with many in Joe’s “$25K Group,” and the collective mind power in that room was breathtaking. I’m pretty sure that my mouth was open in awe at least some of the time (it’s not a good look, but I couldn’t help it). These folks were so successful, so accomplished—and yet they were very approachable and interested in helping each other. Just being with them made me raise my game, be more focused, and to learn absolutely everything I could. I took notes furiously the entire time, and came away with truly life-changing ideas. That’s not hyperbole. It’s genuine fact. I would say, with confidence, that anyone on the face of the planet would learn from the gathering of these giants. This is the exponential power of many minds working towards improving things in each others’ businesses and life. If you have the resources and can qualify, I’d recommend this venue to every entrepreneur I could. P.S. I’m not paid for this, and I only say it because it’s true and could certainly help ANY business. Thank you for teaching me this, Joe.

Possible Script for our Crowd Funding Campaign Movie from The Draw Shop

Howdy, Joes! Here's a little behind the scenes going on with! We are busy getting this ready. We've had meetings with folks that may be building our App--they're from Poland, apparently a hotspot for App Developers. We've set up a Contest at 99 Designs to get our logo done (it's going to be COOOOOOOL). We've even been introduced to the team at IndieGoGo to begin our Crowd Funding Campaign soon. Things are moving right along, and we're EXCITED.

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what's going on with the, "movie," that we're doing with The Draw Shop ( to accompany our crowd funding campaign. This is by no means a done deal, and it's a work in progress. If you have some suggestions, we're open to them! Just send them to

Hey, if you're a Joe--and you're reading this, we want you to know that you're appreciated. Thank you for being a part of our community.

The following is a true story.

It all started with a profoundly lonely soul in a Phoenix nursing home.

That day, there was a party for another resident there—and dozens of people, including a man we’ll call Joe, came to celebrate. It was a happy occasion.

But Joe noticed a man, all by himself and lonely in the back of the room. He looked depressed, because he didn’t have anyone there to talk with him. Joe could tell that this man was often lonely.

And this made Joe sad.

Because Joe KNEW that there were plenty of good people out there that would gladly spend their time talk to with this person. They would enjoy helping this man, and the man would love the company.

THE PROBLEM is that no one knew that this man needed help.

This gave Joe an idea!

(use actual audio from the podcast and show a sound coming from a radio)

“WHAT IF THERE WAS AN APP, where anyone that wanted to volunteer, that it literally matched the volunteers with places that need them, but the app went through the background searches—it was like Uber, but it was like Uber for volunteers?"

****This part is optional*****

"Because I know, if you’re depressed, have anxieties, addictions...


“If you feel crappy. Feel depressed. Feel anxiety. THE WAY YOU FEEL BETTER AS A HUMAN BEING IS BY HELPING OTHERS."

****End optional part****

With this SIMPLE and PROFOUND idea, JoeVolunteer was born! (Insert trumpets, and the name JoeVolunteer falling from the heavens in all of its glory).

JoeVolunteer is making Volunteering easy, fun, and COOL.

It works from your smart phone, using an ingenious APP to connect good hearted volunteers—we call them, “Joes,” with worthwhile organizations. Places that need YOUR help!

When you have a little time—any time at all—and you want to help others, you’ll simply pull out your phone and see all of the places that need Volunteer help. You select where and when you want to help, in real time. Even if you only have an hour or two to spare here or there, you can be a HERO to someone that needs it!

Right now there are people depressed and profoundly alone...knocked to their knees by bad breaks...animals are being destroyed because no one is there to care for them....people need food....clean drinking water....or just SOMEONE TO TALK TO...a comforting voice that can save a life. Nursing homes, soup kitchens, children’s hospitals...

They all need the hero Joes of the world. They all need YOU.

This is our chance to put a dent in the freaking universe, together.

You may be thinking, “This sounds interesting. How do I get involved?"

First, thank you! If you’re the type of person that’s listened this far into the message, then you’re exactly the person we’re looking for.

Next, Go Visit right now, before the mundane interrupts--and register to become a Joe.

Then, share it on Facebook...use Twitter. Tell other good people like yourself about this change to be a hero!

Use your imagination and Help us get this message out to EVERYONE that needs to hear it.

Then, please consider donating some of your time and a bit of your money, every little bit counts—so that we can fully develop this APP and get the word out on How to Help People…help People.

BE someone’s hero at

The Joe Credos. How JoeVolunteer Rolls.

  1. We are in existence to help people in their lives. That's always number one, and EVERYTHING else is secondary. Remember the people that need help--that need to know that someone cares, that have been knocked down by life and need a hand. We are their Beacons of Light. We also exist to help the worthy organizations, and the volunteers--but our true, "customer," is the man or woman in need of a hero and we always remember that in everything that we do!
  2. We think BIG. We know what we're doing is important, and life-changing for a LOT of people. We don't entertain the word, "Can't." Instead, we ask, "How can we?" Then we do it. We are never accused of thinking too small. This is our MOONSHOT. It's our chance to leave a freaking dent on the entire Universe. We are making it easier for mankind to help those that need it, and that is about as noble as it gets!
  3. We are lean. We are able to make decisions quickly. We hate bureaucracy. We value agility in business and can move quickly to seize opportunities for our mission. By lean, we also are extremely frugal with our money--no matter how much we have. We will never throw money at something that could better be solved with resourcefulness. Money raised and donated to JoeVolunteer will go directly to our efforts to help the folks that need that help. When someone writes a check, or fills out a form online donating, we can feel good knowing it's going to help someone in need.
  4. We're a Force Mulitplier. We find folks that can help, and that can get others to help, and so on. We're never afraid to ask for help, or ask for a lot--because what we are doing is worthy of that.
  5. We take responsibility for it ALL. The success of our endeavor is due entirely to us. We don't count on anyone else. These are our ideas. It's our drive and determination. It's our persistence that is turning this elegant IDEA into a living, breathing reality! 
  6. We're having fun doing this! We take what we're doing seriously--but not ourselves. We're fun, we're open, we smile and laugh and let life touch us. We let our personalities shine through in everything we do. Nothing boring gets produced, because we're waaaay too cool for that!
  7. We're grateful for this opportunity for JoeVolunteer! We're grateful for the heroes that help to make it happen! We're grateful for the Joes, the Orgs--and the entire chance to bless the lives of others. What a wonderful endeavor to spend our time and effort!

What do you think, Joes? Is there something we forgot? You are part of this too, you know. Oh, if you're here on the page and reading this--you're pretty awesome. We mean that.

Become a Freaking Beacon of Light

A freaking beacon.

I like the word, "freaking." It adds emphasis, it's colorful, and it's a fake curse word. Everyone knows it's a substitute for the f-bomb, but it still offends no one. Nice.

But I digress...

Life can be downright hard. It can be cruel. It can literally knock you to your knees sometimes. We've all had winters in our lives, and have been down. The good news is that we can do something about it for others. If they're not going through a really hard time, at least you can still make someone else's day/week/month/year/LIFE better. In fact, I don't want to get all metaphysical or spiritual on you now--but I think being able to help and serve others like this is the reason why we're here in this life.

Here's something I've been doing for the last few months, and it's made a huge difference in my life:

Every day, I try to be someone's hero by just doing something really kind. I give myself extra points when folks don't know it was me that did it. It's my secret. Just between me and the Universe.

It's helped in several ways:

  1. I know that I made a difference. At least that day. It's along the lines of Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote: "To know that I made the life of another easier by my existence, that is to have succeeded." Well, when I make a difference to someone that day, then I've been successful, and that feels pretty darn good.
  2. It has me actively LOOKING for people to help. My radar is up all of the time. Does someone need help with their car at the side of a road? Is there a mom that's struggling carrying everything? Does one of your friends need an anonymous pick-me-up, or an overt, audacious act of love? I love those opportunities now, because it helps to "check the box," for that day. And really, doesn't it feel good to check things done? I've read that it releases a feel-good hormone in your system when that happens. Sounds good to me!
  3. This is a really good one: you can't do something to make someone else feel good without making yourself feel good in the process. It's impossible. And that, my friend, is a pretty awesome quirk of human nature!

So, with that settled (You DO believe me in this, right? You see the benefit of at least trying it, I hope)...I'm going to attempt a list of some everyday ways that you can be a FREAKING BEACON of light to others.

The rules are: you have to do them with no expectation of them returning a favor, paying you, giving you a kiss, etc. Got it? Also, your deed doesn't count if it's something you normally do throughout the course of your daily routine. 

Obviously, there are thousands of ways (comment below because we really want to hear!) to do this, but I'm just listing a few dozen...we'll see how this goes.

  1. Pay for the next person's order. This is one of the most common, but it still feels good.
  2. Write a heartfelt letter...with a pen and paper and mailed is best, but emails and even texts or FB posts count, too...about how grateful you are for someone. Get specific as to why.
  3. Donate your clothes. Anything that hasn't been worn in a year...Gone. Homeless shelters are great. Ask churches if they have something like that. Goodwill is okay in a pinch, but not as good.
  4. Send some flowers, just because. You know who you should send them to already, don't you?
  5. Offer to babysit for a single parent. They will appreciate it more than you'll ever know. Make sure you're not creepy, though.
  6. Give away some of your best ideas to someone if you think it can really help them. If you're an idea machine, and you have some good ones--this can be very good for both of you.
  7. If you're strong, offer to carry or lift something for someone. If you're not strong, or look frail, please skip this one, as it will cause extreme guilt in those you're trying to help!
  8. If someone you know is grieving, don't dare let the words, "If you need anything," come out of your mouth or on a glowing screen! Just DO something for them. Make a favorite meal for them. Give them a gift certificate to a night out at the movies, take something off of their hands that you can help handle while they're not at their best.
  9. Tip a great waiter/waitress an extra large tip for great service. Make sure to write a note on the receipt how much you appreciate them doing such a great job--these feel GREAT on the receiving end.
  10. Make certain to go to the management of someone that's done a great job for you and brag on them. Put it down in writing if you can, and be specific about how they served you well.
  11. Help someone move. Sure, we all hate it--but it makes a big difference in the life of the person you're helping...and they won't forget it. There are two types of friends: ones that won't offer to help you move when they know you're doing it, and true friends. Be the latter.
  12. Send someone a gift via Amazon. They'll even wrap it for you and put a note on it. You can even do it anonymously. Which I recommend. This is especially cool if you know they really want something. It doesn't even have to be big or expensive...the thought really does count in this case.
  13. If you have a, "buy one, get one free," coupon, use the free one to give it away. The feeling you get from brightening someone's day is well worth the little bit of extra money you'd save by splitting it.
  14. Leave a note on someone's car. Make it encouraging. And then sign it, "Someone who cares."
  15. Put together a "Hug," station at a nursing home. Make sure you have kids do it, or it's creepy (see #5), but put up a sign that reads, "Free Hugs!" Offer them to anyone that wants one. Kids love doing this, and it'll be tough to beat the feeling you'll have when you finish.
  16. Pay an expired parking meter, but leave a note letting them know someone did it. Don't sign your name, but give them a free smile in addition to paying for the parking.
  17. Go work at a soup a time OTHER than the holidays. I've talked to a lady that ran one, and she says they have plenty of volunteers at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not as many throughout the year. So, go work then, and you'll feel just as good. You'll also walk out of there feeling grateful for what YOU have.
  18. If you borrow a friend's car, leave it cleaner than you found it, and hopefully with more gas.
  19. Write a letter to a soldier that's deployed. Strike up a conversation...maybe include some goodies as part of a care package. At the very least, tell them how grateful you are for their service, and that you're holding them in your thoughts and/or prayers, and want them to return safely.
  20. Write a heartfelt Amazon or iTunes review for a product, or podcast, of something you really love. The authors and artists read those. If it's a bad record, keep your pie hole shut and don't spread the negativity!
  21. Pick a random address from a phone book (they still have those, right?). Send the person (people) there a postcard or quick letter telling them that someone is wishing them well. Put a Thoreau quote on it, and they'll believe it's fate...and it is.
  22. Here's an easy one: when it's someone's birthday on Facebook, don't just wish them a generic, "Happy Birthday." Instead, list a few things you really admire about that person, THEN wish them a happy birthday.
  23. Think now about the couple you know that seems to really have a GREAT relationship. You know, the folks that look really in love after a few decades together. Let them know you appreciate their example.
  24. If you've got a spouse/friend that's fighting their weight, cover up the scale number with a sign that says, "You're just right." (I saw a picture of that on the Internet, and blatantly stole it)
  25. Leave a bag of food at the door of a family you know is struggling financially. Include a note (disguise your handwriting, or type it) of encouragement, and ask that at some point, if they can, try to pay it forward for someone else...that little bit can take the sting out of charity for prideful folks AND maybe it multiplies the blessing for more folks down the road.
  26. Volunteer at the Special Olympics. Trust me on this one.
  27. Give out, "Fonzie," cards. "You're cool, and it has been noticed. Thank you."
  28. Set up a High Five Station at a charity race. You'll feel great with every high five you give.
  29. When you're in a conversation with a stranger, or a friend you haven't talked with in a while, ask them what the happiest day in their lives was. It's great to see them smile as they relive that magic moment in their minds. You'll both feel great afterward.
  30. I borrowed this one from James Alucher ( pick an email you didn't return a few YEARS ago. Respond to it thoroughly, and whenever possible, offer some encouragement along the way.
  31. Bring some books you've read and no longer need to a hospital. It can get really, really boring there sometimes.
  32. If you do #31, leave some notes of prayer, encouragement, or inspiration throughout the books--or as book marks.
  33. Get people together to go caroling this Christmas. Visit older folks, or people that live alone. Invite them along afterward, and for crying out loud--don't ask for figgy pudding.
  34. If you see a wandering dog or cat, try to see if they have a collar and try to return them to their owner. Especially if they're out in the streets and could get hit by a car. This few minutes out of a day could change someone's life!
  35. Make up "Homeless Packs." My daughter came up with this idea in our family. Include some snacks, food, water, maybe a book you've read...and a note wishing them well and offering encouragement. My daughter's pack had a few loving Bible verses in them. Have these packs ready to hand out from your car. This is more satisfying than giving money that may enable some bad habits.
  36. Think of a really good time you've had with a friend. Bring back all of the sights, sounds, smells and experiences of that day--then call or write and remind them of it.
  37. Catch someone doing a really great job at their job, and let them know they're a tribute to their profession, and that they've made your day more enjoyable. Thank them for it.
  38. Send a one time donation to Save the Children, or if you're really feeling it, sign up for a monthly donation. They're ranked high in the amount of money that actually gets to the kids they're helping.
  39. Send an anonymous "Secret Admirer," rose to someone who might need it. Make sure it's really anonymous, yo.
  40. Write a real letter to a friend. Use postage. See how nice you can be to them in telling them some of the things you admire in them, and that you'll always be friends, no matter what.
  41. Make a very special one-on-one date with a family member. Your child, your parent, your spouse--but this is important--for no special occasion. Just, "because." Then go all out and really make it spectacular. You'll have fun planning it, and they'll remember it for a while.
  42. If you leave a voice mail, tell the person you're calling something that you're grateful for about them when you leave that message...and tell them you're hoping they're having a great day...and be sincere about it!
  43. Donate your change. Don't spend coins. Put them together in a piggy bank and give it to a worthy cause. You'll never know the difference, and you'll bless them and yourself with the donation.
  44. Randomly call your town's fire department and EMS folks. Tell them you're just calling to let them know you really appreciate what they do on a daily basis. Try not to make it weird.
  45. When/if you write a gratefulness list, and one of your friends or family makes it on the list, tell them that they did, or send them a copy of it.
  46. Buy someone a desert anonymously. Time it right.
  47. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS offer your seat to an elderly person, a child, or a lady (if you're a man) if the seats are all taken, you have one and they don't. Sheesh. I shouldn't have to tell you this.
  48. Send an unsolicited testimonial to a business you enjoy. If you put it in a card, or on a letter and make it nice enough, they can hang it on the wall.
  49. Call your Mom. Remind her of something she's done nice for you, and thank her for it again.
  50. Return someone's trash can from the road. It's simple and easy, and the small effort involved will be swallowed by someone's gratitude for such a simple act.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the list. I mean that. If you made it this far, you’ve invested some time in what I had to say, and I really appreciate that. Hopefully, some of these ideas work for you. If not, that’s okay too. I’m just listing some ideas I’ve had. 

If you have more ideas and want to add them to my list, please do so in the comments below…once again, Muchas gracias!