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We are making Volunteering easy, fun, and COOL! We're putting a freaking dent in the Universe by increasing Volunteerism throughout the world by ten-fold (NOT a typo, yo).

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Never Mind All of This...I just Want to Be a Joe!

The joevolunteer CHallenge

I'm here at Harvard University, about to give a speech on JoeVolunteer, and how acts of kindness can change your life--and the world.

I'm issuing a challenge for the folks there--and anyone that sees this: 

Do a kind act for another human being, every single day for the next 30 days.

That's it!

Are you up for it? If you're on the fence, you can do the wimpier, but still effective, 7 day pledge to do this. 

Folks, it is a fundamental fact that when we help others feel better--we feel better. That is such a cool quirk of human nature!

If you're in, fill out your name and email...and we'll send you some encouragement along the way. Also, if you have a cool experience while doing this--we'd LOVE to hear about it, so email us at!


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