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We are making Volunteering easy, fun, and COOL! We're putting a freaking dent in the Universe by increasing Volunteerism throughout the world by ten-fold (NOT a typo, yo).

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Never Mind All of This...I just Want to Be a Joe!

Help our joes reach the people that really need it.

Okay. Here's the part of the page where we have our hands out. No one likes to ask for money, but we feel confident in doing so for a few reasons:

  1. The money is used for a spectacular reason. We're on a mission to connect volunteers (Joes, hopefully like you) with places that really need help. We're talking about homeless shelters, hospitals for children, suicide prevention (we're hoping to work with our soldiers in this regard), animal rescues...and many, many more. We're getting them the help that they so richly deserve--and the money that you Joe-nate will go DIRECTLY to help achieve that. There's not many more noble causes.
  2. We are extremely frugal with this money. All of it goes to help. We hate it when we donate to a place, and you know they have high salaries, swanky offices and lots of folks that wear ties. We aren't that--and never will be. We couldn't sleep at night if we were like that. This is taken from the Credos used to start our company:  "We are lean. We are able to make decisions quickly. We hate bureaucracy. We value agility in business and can move quickly to seize opportunities for our mission. By lean, we also are extremely frugal with our money--no matter how much we have. We will never throw money at something that could better be solved with resourcefulness. Money raised and donated to JoeVolunteer will go directly to our efforts to help the folks that need that help. When someone writes a check, or fills out a form online donating, we can feel good knowing it's going to help someone in need."
  3. We're not asking for ourselves. We're asking for the people that we want to help...and many of them need this help.


Here's the part where we tell you that ANY amount is appreciated. It is. We already think very highly of folks that will take their own time and spend it in the service of others like our Joes. But when you actually reach into your own pocketbook and give that of yourself, you're showing what a great person you are.

There are SO many worthy causes out there, and we appreciate you even taking a look at our page. Thank you. Please know that if you click the button and give to, that we'll use the money well--and you can rightfully feel good about what you've done.

Thank you for giving.



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