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Learned Compassion from Down Syndrome

I'm at lunch right now, and I just saw a somewhat "disabled," person being led in through the restaurant. It looks like her sister is helping her, taking her hand and keeping a shepherding hand on her back as they sit down.

I see it, and take it ALL in. I see the obvious care and love of the sister. I see that it's a little more difficult to get around. I see the stares of the other people in the restaurant. And I see the sister's SMILE. She's happy to be here, and happy to help her sister.

I think about the time they must've spent at therapy together. I think of the conversations the family must have had about her well-being, about how she is supposed to be cared for each day. I deeply feel all of this just with a quick look and a shared understanding.

...and I'm nearly overcome with compassion.

I want to hug them both, and let them know that I UNDERSTAND and appreciate their struggles. I want to help them in some way. I resist the urge to ask for a hug (as that's a little weird, I get it).

And, it then hits me: I haven't always possessed this kind of compassionand care. I mean, I've always been a "nice," guy. I want the best for most everyone--but I don't know that this flood of emotions over seeing this would be possible if it hadn't been for the Little Man pictured right here.

He is such a HUGE blessing! It's almost beyond my ability to express how much he has changed the heart of our entire family--and probably many more people that know him and his story.

We didn't wish for a child with Down Syndrome. We didn't know about these super powers that were granted with his entrance into the world.

 The Source of Some Learned Compassion, The Amazing Alec...

The Source of Some Learned Compassion, The Amazing Alec...

We just didn't know--because if we did know, we'd want this blessing not just for us, but for every human on the planet.